According to the publisher (Scholastic) Dog Man has a 3rd grade reading level and a 2nd – 4th grade interest level. I guess that says something about my reading habits because Dog Man, the new book by Dav Pilkey (creator of Captain Underpants) is certain to find its way onto my list of the best […]

Two weeks ago I was at Bouchercon along with 2000 readers and writers of crime fiction. This past week-end I was at Creatures, Crimes and Creativity (C3) with 85. They are obviously different events if for no reason other than size, but they are perhaps more alike than different. Both celebrate a love of reading. […]

It’s unclear to me why Paul Bunyan made page 1 of today’s New York Times. But buried in the news story, there is one item that seems worthy of our attention. In Bemidji, MN, there is an 18 foot tall statue of Paul Bunyan. Until 2014, whenever the Shriners came to Bemidji, the Paul Bunyan […]


Aspiring mystery writers in CT, DE, NJ, NY, PA and WV have two weeks left to submit an application. The purpose of the scholarship is to inspire aspiring mystery writers by offering financial support to writers who want to take a specific class, attend a conference, or to do specific research as demonstrably necessary to […]

My friend Suzanne promises “hot noir, cool bar.” I’m inclined to agree. My contribution to the evening is rounding into shape. A bit of suburban paranormal noir. Next Sunday night. Shade Bar. NYC. Be there. You’ve been warned.


Sometimes art is not the thing itself, but is something else entirely, something born from a space that is not the thing, but stands in relationship with the thing and by so doing creates a new thing unto itself. I spent Sunday pondering this question at the Hirshhorn, there to experience two exhibits, Robert Irwin and Linn Meyers. Both exhibits used […]

When I first set up my website, I was unable to get my name as the domain name. Instead, I settled for jeffmarkowitzmysteries.com. When my name became available, I bought the domain (jeffmarkowitz.com) and kept jeffmarkowitzmysteries as well. After a couple of years, I let go of jeffmarkowitzmysteries. Frankly, I didn’t figure anyone was eager […]

When I first became serious about writing mysteries, I considered going to a writer’s conference in Chicago. My problem was simple… the cost. When I added up the cost of the conference registration, hotel and airfare, I struggled to justify the expenditure. Then one of my friends offered a bit of advice. If you want […]

I had a drink tonight at the Wildcat. The last time I was here was a year ago. There was a talented musician playing guitar and singing. I’m pretty sure it was the same guy last year. I’d like to tell you he was playing guitar the first time I came to the Wildcat, but […]