The Creative Process

“Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” Oscar Wilde



8 thoughts on “The Creative Process

  1. Is blue label the best? Every Christmas, I ask for one thing: Johnny Walker. I’ve sort of been preoccupied with it since they handed out little bottles on our flight to London. No one ever gets it for me.


      1. That seems ironic. Why not drink the blue label and enjoy it, and leave the empty bottle/box around to show off? Or are you saving it to celebrate when your books get sold to Hollywood, in which case you’ll be able to afford the blue anyway?


    1. No one ever gets it for you?! Why the heck not?? That would never fly in my family. In my family if someone actually lists something they want, by name, every freaking person is so happy to have an idea they immediately go out and get it. So you should never say you want something unless you REALLY want it in my family.


      1. I think the idea of giving the baby of the family a bottle of liquor for Christmas disturbs them in some way. I suspect they also can’t shake the notion that I might be unable to control myself and drink the whole thing at once. Though they I have never given them a reason to think so. Not in the last decade, at least. Maybe after the adoption Daddy Liberace will give me a bottle.


  2. I did the same with with a Loch Lomond scotch I got for my birthday last year. The bottle and tin case were lovely, my taste-buds inevitably thought it lovely too.


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