When my short story, The Sound Bite, was first published by woman’s corner magazine in 2006, the editors wrote the following, by way of introduction –

Author Jeff Markowitz writes, “I’ve always wanted to write a story about the early 70s, about the blending of anti-war politics, eastern spirituality, sex, drugs and music that we once called the counter-culture and about the underlying innocence of those turbulent years.”

Indeed, for those of us who experienced those years, it was all of those things.  Nothing was bizarre or “too far out.”  There were counter-cultures to counter-cultures.  Markowitz’s story gives us a glimpse into what was “reality” in an unreal world of war, drugs, experimentation, free love and communes.

For any of you hippies-turned-stockbrokers out there, you’ll understand. 

Hippies-turned-stockbrokers.  That description hit home a couple of years ago, when I saw Carole King and James Taylor at Madison Square Garden as part of the Troubadour Reunion Tour.  Twenty-thousand stockbrokers, in hundred dollar seats, turning back the clock, hippies again for one extraordinary evening.  And I was reminded of that again tonight, watching the Troubadour singer-songwriter special on PBS.

It’s about identity, how music defines us and connects us.  I said once, in another post, It’s about how the boy still lives, somewhere inside the man, but also about how the man always lived, somewhere inside that boy.  With one ear, I was listening tonight in 2013, but the other ear was firmly planted somewhere in the 70s.

I don’t know how to explain those years.  It seems so unreal to me now.  But I have long understood that fiction reveals truth in a way that a strictly factual account never can.  Woman’s corner magazine, unfortunately, is no longer publishing, but, once digitized, nothing truly disappears.  Go into the basement and find that old, scratchy copy of Tapestry, put it on the turntable and turn back the clock.  Inhale deeply and follow the link to The Sound Bite.


4 thoughts on “Hippies-turned-stockbrokers

  1. I found this fascinating to read. I’m one of those silly people who calls herself a “modern day hippie”, I probably annoy people who were genuine hippies back in the 60’s and 70’s like you. I’ve met a few genuine hippies who turned “mainstream” and always wondered why, and what life was like for them having lived two seemingly contrasting lifestyles.

    Also, quick note: I noticed you are following me on WordPress. Yay! But I changed my URL a few days ago and it messed things up, so that my newest blog entries are no longer showing up in people’s wordpress feeds.

    Even if it shows you are “following” my blog, you will still need to fix it so I will show up in your feed again. I’d really appreciate it because I love feedback from you! Here’s how (you might have to do this on a computer rather than a phone browser, I’m not sure, but you can try from a phone if necessary):

    Go to my blog page, http://starlightgrove.wordpress.com/, then in the menu bar at the top left, unfollow my blog, then click follow again. It only takes 10 seconds and will fix our connection to each other so that I show up in your feed again! Let me know if it works or not. And yes, I copy pasted this to several people. 😉


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