Right foot red

Some men (and women) deserve to be rich and famous.  Charles “Chuck” Foley is one such man.  I read today of the passing of  “Chuck” Foley, aged 82 and I am embarrassed to admit that I did not know of Mr. Foley’s contribution to American culture.

Mr. Foley invented Twister.  In 1966 Eva Gabor and Johnny Carson played Twister on the Tonight Show and the lives of prepubescent boys were changed forever.  Right foot red.

Millions of people have played Twister, eliminating the need for Pass the Orange.  It is said that 76 people a year die playing Twister, 23 of them playing nude Twister.  I don’t want to make light of the dead, but really, is there a better way to die than playing nude Twister?

Unless, of course, it’s a homicide.  Right hand red.  Left hand Luger.


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