It’s dobby in your rot, droog!

You may not be familiar with Quirk Books, but you have probably read, or at least have heard of, quite of few of Quirk’s books.  Quirk Books is an independent publisher; they are the publisher of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and also of the Worst Case Scenario series.  I am almost embarrassed to admit that I own a copy of Penis Pokey.  According to Quirk, “This book contains no nudity. No profanity. No sexual material of any kind. And yet it just might be the most obscene thing we’ve ever published!”

Ben & Jerry’s needs no such introduction.  But what happens when Quirk Books imagines ice cream flavors inspired by books?  Check out the literary possibilities in  Ice Cream Flavors Inspired by Books.  Now we just have to convince Ben & Jerry to make them.  ‘Cause I need a pint of Clockwork Orange Creamsicle.  “It’s dobby in your rot, droog.”



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