Another Murder in New Orleans

There is nothing funny about murder.  And yet I write humorous mysteries.  Because I think sometimes, the only way to deal with tragedy is to find a way to laugh about it.

Or better yet, to sing about it.

So I was really pleased to see my cousin Donny post this yesterday on facebook.


One of his new songs, Another Murder in New Orleans, co-written with Carl Gustafson, recorded by Dr. John and Bobby Rush, will be debuted at the Patron Party on September 16, an event to benefit the non-profit Crimestoppers organization in New Orleans.

Way to go, Donny.


9 thoughts on “Another Murder in New Orleans

  1. Hmm… are you familiar with a song called “I Remember Larry” by Weird Al? It’s a funny song about the eventual murder of a guy named Larry.


    1. Not to brag on my cousin, but he has had quite a career already, including an Oscar and a Golden Globe for a certain song he wrote for a movie. The American Film Institute ranks the song among the top 100 movie songs.


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