Do Not Mess with the Macaroni

When I penned my last post I was facing an existential crisis of sorts, pondering whether I had learned one truly valuable life lesson in the year since I wrote my 60 life lessons at 60.

I am pleased to report that the crisis has resolved itself today in the form of a birthday card.  Technically, the life lesson arrived one day late.  The card arrived right on time on my birthday, but that makes the lesson, strictly speaking, a day late. Of course, the calendar is an arbitrary way to measure time, so anyway, what matters is the lesson.  It is good to know, on my 61st birthday that I am still learning new, vital lessons.


Do not mess with the macaroni.

(I did learn a few other valuable lessons this year, but they all seem to relate to ways of disposing of dead bodies and they are far too nasty for decent folks such as yourselves).


8 thoughts on “Do Not Mess with the Macaroni

  1. Happy Birthday, Jeff!!! I hope you are having a GREAT FUN FAR-OUT AWESOME HAPPY day!!! 🙂
    Ha! Love the card! 😀
    I’m glad to know you are still learning, new vital lessons! That means there might be hope for me!!! 😉 😛
    Birthday-HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I wish I had a birthday MINI, like on Xanga, to leave with you! 🙂


  2. One more thing.
    I don’t suppose The Macaroni grows up to be an enforcer by the name of “Big Mac”? Or am I getting my references mixed up?


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