Patience is someone else’s virtue

I was reminded recently of one of my favorite quotes about writing (it’s also one of my favorite quotes about God, but that is another subject for another day).  Anyway, the quote comes from T.M. McNally.  “When you die, I believe, God isn’t going to ask you what you published. God’s going to ask you what you wrote.”  It is, on first read, a lovely sentiment, but it masks an ugly reality.  The Almighty isn’t in my target demographic.  God may read my unpublished manuscripts but the ladies in the Hungry Readers Book Club won’t read my books unless they’re published.

The first draft is finished and I find myself caught in that in-between stage somewhere between the craft of writing and the business of writing.   I remind myself to live in the moment, to  appreciate the uncertainty.  And though this will be my fourth book, I still feel the tug of instant gratification.  The hard part is to learn patience.  I have seen too many authors make bad business decisions as a result of an impatience to see their story in print.

They say patience is a virtue.  One day I’d like to meet the they who say that.

4 thoughts on “Patience is someone else’s virtue

  1. I wish you well with your publishing efforts. Patience is a virtue to those who think they have patience. They probably make those around them impatient.


  2. I understand this so well. I go through this dilemma every single day. Patience and I have never been close to each other. Short of sticking her tongue out at me, Patience rolls around and gives me the wicked eye.


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