The problem with ebooks

Last week, I posted about a mystery conference cruise and a certain ghost ship, adrift at sea.

All those passengers stranded on that cruise ship with no power, no services, limited supplies, nothing to do.  If that had actually been the mystery cruise, I told my wife, at least the authors would sell a lot of books.  And she responded, if they ran out of toilet paper.

Which got me thinking about the problem with ebooks.  Try wiping your ass with a kindle.

And the new marketing slogan for my book?  It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Murder.  Now with two-ply pages.


5 thoughts on “The problem with ebooks

  1. don’t forget the incredible shim-cut classic book also good for leveling furniture with easy tear binding. all ecologically responsibly printed on post consumer and sustainably produced pulp treated to burn cleaner or biodegrade as one delights


  2. There are so many problems with ebooks… They don’t feel nearly as comfortable, they don’t look awesome on shelves, they don’t insight curiosity by the cover combined with thickness and size. You can’t travel through shelves of them in the same way you can real books, losing yourself in a deserted corner of the bookstore reading several pages deciding if this is the one you’ll take home… *sigh* Can you tell I don’t have an ereader. Not really. I can read books on my phone but I don’t. peace


  3. hahaha…I gave up on ebooks. I have a kindle. I haven’t charged it in a year. I don’t even want to take it on trips anymore, because truthfully, unless I’m going to be gone for three weeks, I only need a couple of good solid books. My biggest problem with ebooks: can’t flip. I can’t read without flipping.


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