A Thanksgiving Recap

My Thanksgiving started early, at 6:20 in the morning, my wife advising me that she needed to go to the hospital.  I watched the parade in its entirety on a TV in the ER, and the dog show as well, while they ran tests.  I checked my watch, counting the hours until our guests were… Continue reading A Thanksgiving Recap


Turkey and gravy soda

This week, I've been re-reading It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Murder.  Actually, I've been proofreading a new paperback edition coming soon from Crossroad Press. Thursday morning, Tommy awoke alone, in his studio apartment and listened to his telephone ring.  He was dreaming that the phone was ringing and then gradually he realized that… Continue reading Turkey and gravy soda

Writing fiction

It was a good night to be a writer in New York City

Sometimes I worry that writers are becoming obsolete, that we are, at best, quaint relics from a simpler time, but then something happens and I am reminded that writers continue to serve an important role in modern society.  Tonight was such a night.  I was walking in Manhattan when I was stopped at the corner… Continue reading It was a good night to be a writer in New York City