Does your book need a chorus?

I didn’t plan to post another tip to boost your word count quite so quickly, but some of you are still struggling to find your rhythm.  So if you liked yesterday’s tip (dorky day)  you’ll love today’s suggestion.

Repeat a chapter.  That’s right.  An entire chapter.  Did you ever stop and think about the lyrics of popular music?  All those verses telling some sort of musical story, and between each verse, a repeating chorus.  And when you go out drinking with your friends and you hear the song, and no one knows all the verses, but everyone knows the chorus.  And everyone sings the chorus, in a drunken celebration of life.

Wouldn’t it be cool if authors were treated like rock stars?  Wouldn’t it be cool if readers sang along with your book?  They would if your book had a chorus.

So what I’m suggesting is that between the chapters that move your plot forward (your book’s verses) you write a short repeating chapter (your book’s chorus).  Before long, you’ll hit 50,000 words.  And you’ll have drunken readers reciting your chorus in bars all across America.


7 thoughts on “Does your book need a chorus?

  1. That is actually an interesting concept. It would tell the story of a person with PTSD really well. To keep the reader interested, I would change details here and there and minute detail changes would be just as important as the chorus chapter. Only in the final chapter would the chorus and its changes make sense to the reader. My goal would be for most to be frustrated and go back and reread each and every chorus and to send me hate fanmail.


  2. If you’ll allow for a bit of self promotion, I tried repetition in‎
    …and all I got was a headache. -_-‘


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