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I’m pleased to announce that Crossroad Press has released a new paperback edition of It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Murder. It seems fitting that the release date for the Christmas mystery was December 25.

(Perhaps you already saw that on my fb page.)

When the book was originally released, by Five Star, in 2009, it was only available in a hardcover edition.  I love the hardcover, but it is not, by itself, sufficient.  Readers want to access their books in a variety of formats.  And so, in 2011, I signed an agreement with Crossroad Press for both of my Five Star titles, A Minor Case of Murder as well as It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Murder.  In 2011, we released ebook editions of both mysteries.  In 2012, we released audiobooks.  In 2013, paperbacks.

xmas cover  minor case cover











In 2013, I finished writing a stand-alone mystery with the working title Death and White Diamonds.  I do not have an announcement just yet, but on December 31, I emailed the manuscript to a publisher.  I hope to have something more to tell you in the near future.

Richie goes away for the week-end with his girlfriend Lorraine.  One thing leads to another and now she’s dead.  Richie is fairly certain he didn’t kill his girlfriend, but his memory is a little hazy in spots.  The one thing he knows for sure is that when her body is found, he’s going to be the prime suspect in a murder investigation.  So Richie decides the smart thing to do is to make sure Lorraine’s body is never found.

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