Life Lessons

I don’t do resolutions, but it’s hard to avoid the urge to contemplate the meaning of life at the beginning of a New Year.  So I’ve decided to share a few of the life lessons that have served me well in the past year and that will continue to guide my actions in 2014.

1.  There’s nothing irrational about the fear of nurses with golf clubs.


2.  You can’t spend your entire life sitting on the porch (but you can try).


3.  When your wife says, C’mon dear, it’ll be fun, put on your hat and smile for the camera.


4.  Your funny hat.


5.  There’s always room for jello.

6.  Never discuss your wife’s thighs on broadcast television.

newlywed game

7.  Everything is creepy after watching a Hitchcock film.


8. “Please tell all men that Peace is Good.  That’s all That need be understood.” – Dr. Seuss



4 thoughts on “Life Lessons

  1. This made me snort-laugh! Great life lessons you learned! I especially love the porch one…I could sit on a porch forever! 🙂 Also, love the nurse with golf clubs! 😀 Ha, and every time I see more than 3 birds gathered…I think of Hitchcock! 😀 It’s nice that you show photos of your relatives in their hats! 😀
    Happy New Year HUGS!!! 🙂


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