Happy birthday, Elvis!

Since it’s Elvis’ birthday, today seems like the right day to tell you my Elvis story.  Not an Elvis story, exactly, but you’ll get the point.  It was 1989 and we were in Japan.  Our hosts took us to a karaoke bar and it quickly became clear that the American couple would have to get up and sing.  There were only a handful of songs programmed into the karaoke machine that had English lyrics, so we settled on Love Me Tender.  We were halfway through the song before we realized they were projecting a pornographic video on a screen behind us in the bar, as we sang.  Love me tender, indeed.

Happy birthday Elvis.


5 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Elvis!

  1. That had to be embarrassing, but it is my understanding that they are more tolerant of porno. I do not know if that is correct. I bet you were shocked!!


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