The Joy of Rewriting

As a general rule, you shouldn’t find a corpse laying about in the morgue, days after it’s been buried. It is entirely possible that you’d spot a corpse in the morgue prior to a funeral, but, after the funeral, that would be unusual. And yet, that’s what I did. I set a scene in the morgue several days after the funeral. And I didn’t notice that the dead body didn’t belong there.  Fortunately, my editor did.

That is just one of the many useful things about having a good editor.

I’m spending this week, and probably next week as well, rewriting my latest manuscript to address this, and other astute comments from my editor. And, as soon as the contracts have been executed, I’ll have something more to say about the stand-alone mystery with the working title, Death and White Diamonds.


5 thoughts on “The Joy of Rewriting

  1. Going off on a tangent, if someone DID come across a corpse laying about in the morgue several days after it’s been buried, it might make for an interesting tale.


  2. There was that crematorium in Georgia or somewhere that had dozens of unprocessed bodies around… It’s entirely possible that a place like that could give you the wrong ashes or even corpse for burial and that the right one turn up on a gurney or in a bin much later.


  3. You are all correct. It certainly could happen and if it did happen, it might make for a good story, and perhaps one day I’ll write that story, but in this story, it was a mistake that needed to be noticed and corrected.


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