Death and White Diamonds has found a home!

Some of you are familiar with a writing exercise that I refer to as finding the dead body. It is an exercise in finding story ideas. Over the years, I have found dead bodies in all sorts of settings  – an elevator at the Kennedy Center, a middle-eastern bar on M Street in Georgetown, at O’Hare, floating in the water off of Fells Point, on Amtrak and on the beach in Cape May. Each time that I find a body, I write a couple of sentences and file it away.  Later, it might become a story. Or not.

On April 13, 2006 I wrote –

Walking through the dunes late at night, the surf is angry.  The weather has changed, clouds blocking out the stars, wind whipping the surf into a frenzy.  At high tide  the beach is mostly gone, the rhythm of the waves pounding on the shore, washing away the evidence.  In the distance, the lights of a lonely freighter spending another night on the water.  There is a chill in the air.  I barely notice.  The knife is still warm in my hand.

Last summer, I wrote 63,000 words and the story idea became a story. And now, I am pleased to announce that Intrigue Publishing has acquired the rights to my stand-alone mystery, Death and White Diamonds.

Did you ever have one of those days? You know the kind, when nothing seems to go right. Richie goes away for the week-end with his girlfriend Lorraine. One thing leads to another and now she’s dead. He doesn’t really think he killed her, but his memory is a little hazy. The one thing he’s sure of is that when her body is found, he’s going to be the prime suspect in a murder investigation. So he decides to dispose of the body.
And we haven’t even gotten to the bad stuff yet.

Death and White Diamonds, coming from Intrigue Publishing in January 2015.


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