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Retrospect and Prospect

On Saturday, I caught a train into Manhattan for a brunch meeting with fellow members of the NY Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America. MWA NY is not only a wonderful organization, but its members are among the nicest people I know. So, when I was asked to help out with an event this fall, I jumped in with both feet. More about that, later.

We were eating at the Salmagundi Club (I always feel like I should tip my hat to the hansom cab driver and exclaim, “To the Salmagundi Club, my good man”) and I was chatting with another author about the Pine Barrens. People are often surprised to learn of more than a million acres of pine forests and cranberry bogs located less than 100 miles from Manhattan. Sitting in the Salmagundi Club, on 5th Avenue, it was easy to understand why. But on Sunday, that’s exactly where I was, signing books at Lines on the Pines, an annual celebration of artists and authors in and of the Pine Barrens.

ImageThis week I plan to complete the edits on Death and White Diamonds. Then I have to prepare for my next event. On Saturday, March 22, I’ll be speaking to the Monmouth Writers Group, at the Howell Township Library. Here’s the blurb –

Developing Characters that Readers Care About

Action scenes may hook your readers, but it’s the characters that keep them coming back for more. The ability to develop characters that readers care about is an essential element of the fiction writer’s craft. No matter how compelling your plot, readers will not care about your story if they don’t make a connection with your characters. Mystery writer Jeff Markowitz will discuss and offer tips for developing characters that readers care about.

Jeff Markowitz is the author of the Cassie O’Malley Mysteries, an amateur sleuth mystery series set deep in
the NJ Pine Barrens. “You can usually find me at my computer at 5:30 in the morning,” he says, “plotting
someone’s murder.”  Jeff is a proud member of the Mystery Writers of America.


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