Just because writing is a business doesn’t mean it’s a good business

I was catching up on some of the blogs that I read when I came upon this nugget.

“That’s the thing: some people just won’t believe me when I try to tell them how ordinary I am. It’s true in real life AND in blog life. I’m shockingly ordinary.”

Talk about ordinary, yesterday I posted a photo of my commute, and because it’s hard enough to come up with one idea for social media, let alone two, I posted the same photo on facebook where a woman that I have not seen since high school remarked about the interesting places I seem to visit. So I explained that it was a photo of my daily commute, adding, by way of explanation “My virtual life is much more interesting than the real one.”

She knew me in high school. I shouldn’t need to explain that. She shouldn’t be fooled by the virtual excitement.  None of you should. Except, of course, that I write fiction. I get paid (poorly) to make things sound more interesting than they really are.

Which reminds me that I just did my taxes. Indeed, I get paid very poorly to make things sound more interesting than they really are.  Even now, with a fourth book scheduled to be released in January, I worry sometimes that the IRS will look at my earnings and will decide that writing is really just a hobby. At which point, I will show them the books and the publishing contracts, and after we’ve all had a really good laugh, I’ll explain that just because writing is a business doesn’t mean it’s a good business and then we’ll look at my royalty checks and we’ll all laugh just a little bit more.

It’s all good clean fun until someone finds the dead IRS agent (fictionally dead, my attorney advises me to remind you. Only and always, fictionally dead).

5 thoughts on “Just because writing is a business doesn’t mean it’s a good business

  1. I wrote a lot of poetry and was even pleased it made publication…in a nursing home newsletter my online pal put together..and then got my huge break… posting ads on craigslist.com wherein I made quite a tidy smallish sum for turning the phrase many hundreds of times. I will remark that at the time I was disgusted as there was no satisfying art in my job whatever. however I did make a few benjamins out of the deal over the months and thus I ask you to first beware and then second remember zirbenz..austrian stone pine liqueur. I heard it tasted like a forrest and then someone said yeah, true enough, but that should read more like “licking a forrest floor. point of all this is… I’m still odd…. and I can relate to writing not perhaps being mega glamorous.


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