Dead Romanian Ancestor Day


Adelina here. I am sorry. I look at Jeff’s blog and realize I have not been keeping up. You would think, being dead, that I would have plenty of time to blog, but it is not so very simple. Just because you are dead doesn’t mean the beets don’t need to be planted, the butter doesn’t need to be churned, the laundry doesn’t need to be beaten on a rock. My cousins have been no help at all. Tunde and Iulia have discovered jello.

We are a fortunate family, having one of Romania’s first jacuzzis.  Tunde and Iulia have filled the jacuzzi with jello and now Vlad is partying like it is 1869. “C’mon in,” he shouts. “There’s always room in jello.”

Vlad likes to take his clothes off and shake his little thing at me. I made him promise to keep his clothes on. Soon we were all in the jacuzzi.  That was Saturday. The next thing I remember it is Tuesday. The beets have not been planted. The butter has not been churned. The laundry has not been beaten on a rock. But Vlad did keep his clothes on. And I feel o-double-good. So there is that. We plan to do it again next Saturday.





8 thoughts on “O-Double-Good

  1. just imagine the thrill of spironolactone showing what isn’t seen of potassium numbers climbing. climbing up to the top for one’s heart to stop. chaulk outlines I’m designing. all it takes is fancy gelatine flavor tossin in the fruit. every witches brew in in the same cauldron as a good grandma’s soup bananas mangos passion fruit pineapple soon will topple the stoutest like some kind of cattle and all it takes is blindness to the obvious nutrition. now you might think me clever to call a mango and cousin cashew the same roll in poison ivy. despite my hopes of another fallen week I’ll wait for a subtler sort of climbing. yes, watch how fast the heart flutters as you’ve your imbalance of salts. most don’t go doctoring for any old complaint or silly kind of fault so, I’ll get ya sure as I knew I would. because most ignore the details unless it’s quite the end of us we’re sure for good. and all it rook was a bit of white powder and blended up bones. just for a thrill I’ll offer you your lethal enough bloody mary when I feel like being contrary you know all it takes is low sodium vegetables juice featuring something like eight. don’t you worry about it, there isn’t any escape from this koolaid cult you ape. just let it gurgle on down and soon enough you’ll find yourself one with the ground. there isn’t any escape when I’m all about your last plates. but lets just figure yourself tough, maybe you’re used to the feelin awful life and all it’s “stuff” never you mind as I’ll grind those black fruit seed for you a ravili just for that final time. it’s only bad news if I’m caught for only then is it a crime.

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  2. Ha! It’s hard to resist jello, Adelina! 😀 In fact, as you are finding out, it can be addicting! 😮
    I’ve done some jello wrestling…well, that’s a story for another day.
    HUGS!!! 😀


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