A Luddite with a new toy

I have often said that I’m not ready to make the switch to e-books, that I still need books, that I have a strong connection to the thing itself. But I have also acknowledged that it might be fun, or at least convenient, to travel with an e-reader. It appears that today is the day when I will find out.

I guess you could say that I’m a Luddite when it comes to electronics. It’s not that I’m opposed to new technology. Not at all. I just want the new technology that I had twenty years ago. But yesterday my cell phone died. My flip phone. I can’t go out of town today without a cell phone. So I went to the verizon store and, after some soul searching, agreed that it was time for a smart phone. As the salesman was ringing up my purchase, he informed me that I was eligible for a Father’s Day promotion. A free tablet.

A tablet. My head was spinning. I’ll be flying to Florida in a few hours. Tomorrow I’ll be flying back home. And I won’t be packing any hardcovers or paperbacks; I won’t be bringing any newspapers or magazines. I’ll be reading e-books. I’m still a Luddite, but now I’m a Luddite with a new toy.

4 thoughts on “A Luddite with a new toy

  1. I agree with your thiughts, but it’s still nice to bring up an ebook on my iPhone while waiting for a doctor or dentist.


  2. I think you’ll be happy with your new toy. I didn’t think I’d like e-books, either. Up until recently I’ve been a bit of a book purist. But I have to say I get the same feeling of happiness when a new book appears on my Kindle as I did when I could still buy paper books from the bookstore.


  3. yay, you! we are just about to get our first new smart phone, and i think i will just watch the mate learn to use it, for a while. 🙂 ebooks are going to wait. i know they are disappointed about that.


  4. Very cool!
    Enjoy your trip and your new toy! 🙂
    My youngest bought me a Kindle a couple years ago. She couldn’t believe I hadn’t bought myself one already. I was resisting.
    Of course, I love it. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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