The Outsmarting of Criminals

There is nothing better for a writer than spending a week-end chatting about books with other writers and readers. I have just returned home from this year’s Deadly Ink conference. When I organize my thoughts and download my photos, I’ll probably post a blog about the events of the week-end, of the talented authors, the thought-provoking panels, about the fun of being part of the mystery-writing community. For now, I need to tell you about one particular highlight.  One of the talented authors that I see much too infrequently is Steve Rigolosi. Last night at dinner, Steve showed me a scene in his new book, The Outsmarting of Criminals.

I haven’t quite wrapped my head around the scene that unfolds on pp 63-64 of Steve’s new book. I hope Steve won’t mind if I share an excerpt here.

          “Miss Prim stopped to gaze in the windows of the local bookshop, Cambria and Calibri. To the left of the door a dozen mystery novels with brightly colored jackets featured prominently under a sign reading CRAPPY MYSTERIES BY PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T WRITTEN A GOOD BOOK IN YEARS.  In the window to the right of the door was a sign reading REALLY GOOD MYSTERIES BY WRITERS YOU SHOULD READ: WHY AREN’T THESE PEOPLE ON THE BEST-SELLER LIST? Nicely displayed under the sign were books by Wallace Stroby, Karin Fossum, Brian Freeman, Jeff Markowitz, Sandra Carey Cody, C. Solimini, D.J. McIntosh, Robin Spano and Dennis Tafoya.

I like this bookstore already, Miss Prim thought.”

(from The Outsmarting of Criminals, pp. 63-64, by Steve Rigolosi, published by Ransom Note Press).

So do I.


If you enjoy a good cozy mystery, pick up a copy of The Outsmarting of Criminals. You won’t be disappointed.


4 thoughts on “The Outsmarting of Criminals

  1. Always enjoy your recommendations, Jeff. Just sorry there’s so much to read, soliitle time to do it. And I’m stuck halfway thro James Ellroy’s “The Big Nowhere.” Endless!


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