There it was, in the mailbox, buried between the bills and a circular from our local supermarket, a priority mail envelope from my publisher, Intrigue Publishing. I ripped it open.

ARC4An Advanced Reading Copy of my mystery/thriller, Death and White Diamonds. I’ll spend the next couple of days proofreading, one final time, as we prepare for publication. Also, I plan to spend a good bit of time smiling. It was enough to get me to take my first selfie.


The book will be released December 15, 2014. As my thoughts turn to marketing, I find myself thinking about hiring a national spokesman. I put out a quick call for open auditions.

ARC8She wasn’t quite right.

ARC5Neither were they.

Finally I found someone who seemed to be perfect. Only I couldn’t get him to say the tag line properly. He was supposed to say, Did you ever have one of those days? Instead, he looked into the camera and proclaimed, What me worry?


(Some of you have already talked to me about review copies. If you have, my publisher tells me you can expect a review copy by the end of the week).


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