MWANY descends on Brooklyn

A few photos from the Brooklyn Book Festival Sharon Linnea, Annamaria Alfieri, David Swatling, Dan Greenburg Scott Adlerberg, Lyndsay Faye, Albert Ashforth Joel Gomez-Dossi, Triss Stein, Bill Curatolo Liz Zelvin, Sheila York, Alex Segura Jeffrey Somers, Tracey Landau Tim Hall, Charles Salzberg, Joseph Trigoboff, and, in the back, our fearless leader, Richie Narvaez Jeff Markowitz,… Continue reading MWANY descends on Brooklyn


Speaking hypothetically about not wanting

"I see now that wanting things is dangerously likely to lead to disappointment. Not wanting them is a much easier path to serenity." Perhaps, speaking hypothetically, you want a child who remembers to lock up his bicycle at school. It's not an unreasonable thing to want. Perhaps that want leads to disappointment (and all manner… Continue reading Speaking hypothetically about not wanting