My grotesquely oversized head

I have a big head. Really. Grotesquely big. More about that later.

The launch party for Death and White Diamonds is three weeks from today, the official release 10 days beyond that, my calendar is filling up with in-person and online events and I try to remind myself that most of life does not revolve around the book release.

But tomorrow, I’ll be at the Somerset County Library (NJ) Author Day taking place at the Hillsborough Township Library.

SCLSNJI just learned that, as part of the Author Day activities, I’ve been scheduled to read from 2:15 – 2:30. Of course, I’ll read an excerpt from my soon-to-be-released mystery Death and White Diamonds. And I’ll be giving away at least one Advanced Reading Copy. So I hope to see you tomorrow. I hate to read to an empty room.

dwd199pxwideMeanwhile, back to my big head. I decided some few months ago that I should have a new author look when the new book is released. A new look, without being significantly different than the old look. The kind of new look you can obtain simply by donning the right hat. But hats are not simple when you have an oversized head. I go to hat shops, I scour the internet, but the truth is it’s not easy to locate an XXL hat. And, if I’m going to be completely honest about my grotesquely large head, I hunt for the right XXL hat only because I’ve given up on ever finding XXXL hats.

So anyway, there’s a certain XXL hat currently “out for delivery” according to UPS. By the end of the day, I hope to have secured my new look. I would post pictures, but, I can’t, not yet. You know how some authors schedule a book cover “reveal” to heighten the excitement about an upcoming release? Instead, I think I’ll plan a hat “reveal.” And it will take place, in person, at the launch party on December 5 at The Mysterious Bookshop. So put the launch party on your social calendar. Not only can you pick up a signed copy of Death and White Diamonds, but you can see the new XXL hat, barely fitting on my XXXL head.


5 thoughts on “My grotesquely oversized head

  1. I see what you mean, neither habadashery nor hats really came up with anything worth mention. I don’t think I know what habadashery means either other than it’s clothing-y and I heard on are you being served while mr humphries steamed a hat.


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