Location, location, location

Death and White Diamonds takes place in the fictional Casteleton Bay Region. As the story opens, Richie discovers his girlfriend Lorraine dead on the beach, on the bay side of Port Salmon. From the moment I first saw the art for the front cover, I have been amazed by how perfectly the graphic artist at Intrigue Publishing captured the setting. Because it is fictional, but it is based on a very real place.

Here is the narrow strip of sand, between water’s edge and dune grass, where Richie found the dead body.

beach1Here is the path between the dunes that leads to the beach house.

beach2Here is Richie (or perhaps the author) walking back to the beach house, to get a hacksaw.

beach3And this is how the fabulous artist at Intrigue Publishing envisioned the scene.

dwd432pxwideIf you happen to be in or near NYC, I hope you’ll help me celebrate when Death and White Diamonds launches this Friday evening at The Mysterious Bookshop.


2 thoughts on “Location, location, location

  1. That’s the thing about having a good graphic designer. I REALLY like the title font, BTW.

    Last, but definitely not the least, congratulations. 😀


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