Warning: This thrilling page-turner may cause insomnia

A 5 star review of Death and White Diamonds

The Backwords Writer

Death and White DiamondsDeath and White Diamonds by Jeff Markowitz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Richie Cunningham is just a quality assurance specialist who works in an office day in and day out. So, there’s no way he’s a murderer. When he goes on a romantic weekend trip with his girlfriend, Lorraine, he discovers her body on the beach. He knows he didn’t kill her, but until he figures out how to prove his innocence, he has to do something with the body.

While following Richie as he laments over Lorraine’s passing, and tries to unravel what actually happened, the reader is introduced to a whole host of curious characters. Lizzy Rizzo captured this reviewer’s imagination, clad in her “faded housecoat and rollers”, when she heard the news of her husband Izzy’s death.

I enjoyed the interactions between Detective Johnson and Detective McGowan, who, until he suffers a head injury, is a…

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