Noir at the Bar: Queens

I’m exhausted. I’m not complaining, mind you, just tired. I’ve had three fabulous book events in the last 7 days, celebrating the release of Death and White Diamonds. Last night was Noir at the Bar: Queens, the third and final in-person event before the “official” release on Monday, December 15. jmNoir at the Bar is an opportunity for mystery writers to get together and “read some of their darkest and most disturbing pieces of noir fiction.” I tell myself I don’t write dark and disturbing. The excerpt I read last night started with Richie putting his dead girlfriend’s body parts through a sausage grinder. “In one end of the sausage maker I fed Lorraine parts and from the other end the machine extruded ground Lorraine.” After that, the scene does get a wee bit disturbing. In all, eight of us read last night. I caught up with some old friends and made some new ones.natbI decided not to do an extensive blog book tour when the book releases, but I will be visiting a couple of book bloggers next week. I’ll post the details this week-end.


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