In which I try not to jump up and down

We had the launch party ten days ago (thank you to everyone who came out on a rainy night in NYC) and I’ve been celebrating more or less (mostly more) ever since, but yesterday, officially was the release day for Death and White Diamonds. I didn’t make any particular plans for release day, no promotional blitz, no appearances, just a bit of social media whoring (excuse me, that should read, just a bit of social media networking), some nervous checking of my amazon numbers, perhaps a glass of scotch. In other words, a normal day in the life of a writer.

So I was more than pleased to read Walt Giersbach’s review when it posted. Mr. Giersbach described Death and White Diamonds as “a merry-go-round of mayhem”.  He drew parallels to Elmore Leonard and to Peter Sellers.

Oh my… Peter Sellers… Elmore Leonard…

And then, the day got even better.  Death and White Diamonds made amazon’s list of hot new releases. The list is updated hourly, so of course I grabbed a screen shot. In case it was gone next time I looked.

Hot new releaseThis morning it’s still a hot new release.

Oh my…

Tomorrow I’ll be guest blogging. I hope you’ll stop by and visit. You’ll find me at and also at the Gotta Write Network.



8 thoughts on “In which I try not to jump up and down

  1. I am WAY behind (not having a computer at home for three weeks will do that to a person), and I haven’t posted my review yet. But I will say that based on my read of D&WD, I am not surprised. In fact, it reminded me a lot of Elmore Leonard!


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