A Chum Cannon, A Bag of Ice, A Box of Wine

There is a place where writing and performance art intersect and that intersection, apparently, is marketing genius. I read a fascinating article in today’s New York Times about first-time author and performance artist, Miranda July.

“The objects for sale on Miranda July’s website seem entirely ordinary and even deliberately random. A pink hairbrush. An envelope. A painted vase. A bag of popcorn. On closer inspection, each item becomes mysterious and potentially meaningful, like a clue in a crime novel. The brush is clotted with blond hair. The vase is in pieces. The envelope holds a secret – the name of an unborn child’s father. The popcorn, bizarrely, is bubble-gum flavored. Each of the 50 objects has a fictional counterpart in Ms. July’s debut novel, ‘The First Bad Man,’ which Scribner will release on Tuesday.” (An Escaping Artist, Unlocking Door After Door, Alexandra Alter, The NY Times, Saturday, January 10, 2015)

It is pure genius and it has me wondering what objects from Death and White Diamonds my readers might want to own. The chum cannon, for sure. But what about one of the bags of ice that Richie uses to prevent certain bodies from “decomposing quietly” in the trunk of his car. Or a box of wine that he uses for purposes too disgusting to share here? And what  about Lorraine’s disembodied buttocks? I don’t want to know which one of you would like to possess Lorraine’s disembodied buttocks. But one of you, perhaps more than one of you, would click on the buy button.

(I’ve updated my Events and Appearances. In the next nine  weeks, I have 6 book events in 6 different states. I hope you’ll come by and say hello.)


2 thoughts on “A Chum Cannon, A Bag of Ice, A Box of Wine

  1. That’s actually a pretty interesting way to promote a book.

    (Admittedly, the macabre part of me is curious if the aforementioned “purposes too disgusting” involve the chum cannon, bag of ice, and disembodied buttocks as well as the aforementioned box of wine.)


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