Random observations about Toronto

Toronto is quite possibly the most civilized city in North America. It certainly has the most civilized air travel. We bypassed Toronto Pearson International Airport, flying Porter Airlines instead into Toronto City Airport. The Bombadier Aerospace Q400 turbo prop, with a seating capacity of 75 passengers, and no middle seats, is remarkably comfortable. And because Porter flies hourly between Newark and Toronto, it is apparently never over-crowded. The city airport is located on an island, 121 feet by ferry from downtown Toronto.

20150506_130631_resizedI made the trip to Toronto to read a brief excerpt from Death and White Diamonds at Noir at the Bar. I have never felt quite so welcome at a book event as I did last Wednesday night at PJ O’Briens Pub. The pub was filled with the nicest group of people, writing and reading the nastiest of crime fiction.

20150506_201611_resized     11203102_10153599773283488_8059513013205157062_nAnd that left us two days to explore Toronto. Old Town. The Distillery District. The Royal Ontario Museum. Friday night Jazz at the Aquarium.


I even checked an elevator shaft for dead bodies.



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