Day of the Dragonking

Day of the Dragonking (Book 1 of The Last American Wizard) is a genre-bender of a story by Terry Irving, carving out an identity at the intersection of political thriller and speculative fiction. But just what is the story about?

Wizards? Terrorists? Freemasons? Space aliens? Sentient computers? All of the above?

Irving suggests, and I’m inclined to agree, it’s a story about the confrontation between scientific reality and magical reality.

So I PONDERED Irving’s magical reality. I STUDIED its power. I CONSIDERED its meaning.

Day of the Dragonking is a story about transformations, and at the center of the story we are introduced to down-on-his luck journalist Steve Rowan and follow his transformation from playing the fool to being The Fool. Along the way, Rowan, with the help of a remarkable cast of characters, somehow manages to save the world.

If I were inclined to pick a nit, I would point out that the dialogue suffers from information dump, but that would be a small nit indeed in an otherwise wondrous adventure.

I am drawn to the inescapable conclusion that Terry Irving is a little bit crazy. Perhaps more than a little bit. And I say that with the utmost affection and respect. Because you would have to be a little bit crazy to write Day of the Dragonking. But you don’t have to be crazy to read it.

Maybe just a little bit.



4 thoughts on “Day of the Dragonking

  1. Markowitz, I’d be furious about your description of my insanity if it wasn’t so completely correct.

    Yes, there is also a lot of information dump but most people, unlike you, sir, have no clue what I’m writing about. I took a heck of a lot of information out. The strange thing is most of it is true.

    Here’s a quiz for you and your readers: What specific event that’s retold in Dragonking actually happened to me?

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  2. I greatly admire an author who challenges his readers. Jeff, by now, you have probably met his challenge. I shall pick up this book, when I get to Portland- and Powell’s Book Store, in about three days.


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