My 10-Minute Promotion

I’m not sure when this started, but this morning I discovered the “giveaway” on amazon. A “giveaway” is a drawing, a contest hosted by just about anyone (for example, me) and managed by amazon.

So I decided to try a giveaway to promote Death and White Diamonds. I had no idea how many people would see the giveaway, even less of an idea how many might respond. I decided to give away three copies. I agreed every fourth entry would win a book. The contest would begin this morning and would run until all three of the books were awarded, or June 30, whichever came first. I figured I could get a dozen entries in a week. Still, I was concerned that the week would go by and the books would go unawarded.


At 11:02 eastern time, I announced the contest with a tweet using the hashtag #AmazonGiveaway. Ten minutes later, amazon notified me that three winners had been selected, the giveaway was over.

Apparently, in response to my tweet, amazon received an entry, on average, every 30 seconds. Such is the power of the right hashtag.

I’m pleased to know that amazon will send paperbacks to the three lucky winners. I hope the winners enjoy the book. Perhaps they’ll post a review. But I wish I could have held out just a little bit longer.


2 thoughts on “My 10-Minute Promotion

  1. The old “Be careful what you wish for”, Shakespeare’s “outrageous fortune”, or the sheer Markowitz charm- It worked, and you can always wait just a bit, and do another giveaway.


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