A.J. Meerwald

The A.J. Meerwald is a two-masted gaff schooner, an official Tall Ship. Launched in south Jersey in 1928, the ship was built to dredge oysters in Delaware Bay. Last night, we had the good fortune to sail with the crew of the A.J. Meerwald in New York Harbor.

10999663_10153814269708488_7114941274213812725_n 11209724_10153814270293488_8571501198491069653_n 11694838_10153814271703488_5737476369126733754_n 11705213_10153814279833488_1980131263582063228_n 11216836_10153815302783488_7035148258200426786_n 11796190_10153814273568488_7169707690993284427_n 11800019_10153814273193488_4606768588020112590_n 11780034_843211035775869_1630521764102063098_o 11782405_843211649109141_8117186965626846642_o (2)


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