The David

I told you to read The Outsmarting of Criminals a year ago. I’m not the only one who told you. Oprah told you as well. She was right and I was too. This past Saturday night, at the Deadly Ink Mystery Conference, The Outsmarting of Criminals, by Steve Rigolosi, received the David Award for the Best Mystery published in 2014. More about that later.

Deadly Ink is always fun. It’s an intimate gathering of the mystery community, a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones, a chance to listen and learn, to bitch and moan. It is, in the best sense, a family reunion.


(Thanks to our talented moderator, S.A. Solomon, the Jersey Girls and Boys panel brought attitude to Deadly Ink).


(Thanks to my wise and wonderful panelists, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION offered insight wrapped up in fun).

My thanks to everyone who worked so hard to bring us Deadly Ink, to Debbie Buchanan, Eileen F. Watkins, Tricia Vanderhoof, Roberta Rogow, to the volunteers, the authors, and most especially the readers (after all, what is the point of writing unless someone is doing the reading?) And to those who could not be there this year, please know that you were missed and we look forward to your return next year.

Anyway, I said I would have more to say about the David Award and I do. Remarkably, the David voting this year was a TIE. Two books received Davids, co-winners of the award recognizing the best mystery published in 2014. One, as I mentioned above, was the fabulous book, The Outsmarting of Criminals by Steve Rigolosi. The other book to receive the David was Death and White Diamonds.

Death and Diamonds


(Guest of Honor, Brad Parks; Toastmistress, Eileen F. Watkins; me; Steve Rigolosi)

I am honored to be the recipient of this year’s David Award and proud to share the award with my friend Steve.


3 thoughts on “The David

  1. Congratulations!! That’s fantastic. I’m so glad and now I guess I REALLY have to read The Outsmarting of Criminals.


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