Month: September 2015

On storytelling

We do not experience the world directly. There is a moment, albeit an infinitesimally small moment, during which our brain processes experience. So we are always a moment removed from the experience. In that moment, we create the experience, we construct a story to make sense of the experience. Some of us write the story down.


Books and Bars

Perhaps you’ve seen this before:


I like the way that girl thinks. The problem is she’s looking in a book store. If she wants a man to buy her a book, she’d be better off in a bar. With the decline of book stores, bars have become the new home for books. Bars have become the place where readers and writers meet. I’ve been organizing my autumn calendar of author events and I realized that since the release of Death and White Diamonds last December, I’ve done more book events in bars than in book stores.


So next time you’re in a bar and a man offers to buy you a drink, tell him you’d like that drink with a book chaser. (I’ve got a few new book events that I’ll be putting up on my calendar shortly, including this Sunday, September 20 at the Brooklyn Book Festival. But my next bar event is a good one, a return to KGB Bar in the East Village on October 29 for the MWA Reading Series).