Writing fiction

On storytelling

We do not experience the world directly. There is a moment, albeit an infinitesimally small moment, during which our brain processes experience. So we are always a moment removed from the experience. In that moment, we create the experience, we construct a story to make sense of the experience. Some of us write the story down.


4 thoughts on “On storytelling

  1. alan alda hosted a Nova special on the brain positing that it’s worse than this still, we actually don’t recognize the difference between dreams and reality directly either – however there is that little itty bitty bit spot in a number of us that says it is or isn’t likely 😀 – that magic “common sense”


  2. Jeff, that’s about how I see the experience. I’m an avid observer of everything around me. Lately, I have been fighting and struggling to come up with a breakout premise. But like I have done in the past with many books, just starting to write will propel the process and the self-flicked desire for perfection will vanish.


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