Month: November 2015

Festival of Art, Books and Culture

This week, the Katz JCC in Cherry Hill NJ is holding an annual Festival of Art, Books and Culture. The lineup of guest speakers is exceptional – Alan and Arlene Alda, David Gregory, Erica Jong,Susie Essman, to name just a few. On Tuesday evening the guest speakers were “the royal family of mystery writers, Jonathan and Faye Kellerman, along with their son Jesse.” I had the pleasure and the privilege of moderating their conversation.

(photos courtesy of the Katz JCC)

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(additional photos courtesy of my wife)

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Many people contributed to the success of the event, most especially the Kellermans themselves and the staff of the JCC. I am pleased to know that I played a small part.


North Fork

Sixty-five miles east of Manhattan, on the north shore of Long Island, you’ll find Port Jefferson, the base of operations for our week-end adventure. Settled in the 1600s, Port Jefferson was a shipbuilding center in the 1800s.

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Eighty-five miles east of Manhattan, where Long Island divides into the North Fork and the South Fork, lies the sleepy town of Riverhead, my Halloween destination. Riverhead celebrated the holiday by organizing an Edgar Allan Poe Festival. There were kids in costume trick-or-treating on Broadway. There were authors reading selections from Poe as well as excerpts from their own books. There were one-act plays and all manner of surprises.

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One hundred three miles east of Manhattan, you’ll come to Orient Point, the easternmost tip of the North Fork of Long Island. Perhaps you’re familiar with the South Fork, with the Hamptons and Montauk Point. The North Fork is wine country, and, at the very end, the spectacular Orient Point.

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