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I’ve got plenty of Nothing

Not lower-case nothing. Upper-case, big-N Nothing. Stanislaw Lem explained the difference between the two in his masterpiece, The Cyberiad: Fables for a Cybernetic Age. "Machine, do Nothing!" The machine sat still. Klapaucius rubbed his hands in triumph, but Trurl said: "Well, what did you expect? You asked it to do nothing, and it's doing nothing."… Continue reading I’ve got plenty of Nothing


If it is your wont

Celebrating the holidays, regardless of what holidays you choose to celebrate, is about the people you are blessed to celebrate them with, whether in person or from afar, and I am truly blessed to share this season with a wonderful family and the most extraordinary of friends and if that's not enough, I also now… Continue reading If it is your wont


State Home for the Holidays, Part Two

Yesterday I posted Timothy’s Mother which is part one of State Home for the Holidays. Today, as promised I am posting the second and final part of the story, Christmas Connect the Dots. Christmas Connect the Dots Christina walked from room-to-room in the empty split-level house.  More alone than she could ever remember, Christina couldn’t bring… Continue reading State Home for the Holidays, Part Two