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The Leon B. Burstein/MWA-NY Scholarship for Mystery Writing

When I first became serious about writing mysteries, I considered going to a writer’s conference in Chicago. My problem was simple… the cost. When I added up the cost of the conference registration, hotel and airfare, I struggled to justify the expenditure. Then one of my friends offered a bit of advice. If you want to be a real writer, you have to start going to the places that the real writers go.

I was fortunate to get such good advice. I learned important lessons about the craft and the business of writing. And it was at that conference in 2005 that I met the acquisitions editor for the publisher who would offer me my first traditional publishing contract.

If an aspiring writer asks me for advice, I often recommend that they go to a writer’s conference or workshop. And they often tell me that they don’t have the money. So I was especially pleased when the New York chapter of the Mystery Writers of America asked me to work on a project that could help address the problem. As a result of a generous donation from one of our members, we have created a scholarship program that will make it possible for aspiring mystery writers (whether or not they are members of MWA) located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia to seek financial support “to take a specific class, attend a conference, or to do specific research as demonstrably necessary to a mystery work they are creating.”

Perhaps that’s you. If it is, you’ll want to take a closer look at the
Leon B. Burstein/MWA-NY Scholarship for Mystery Writing.




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