Month: April 2016

Point of time to ask the cheating investigation to the detective

When I first set up my website, I was unable to get my name as the domain name. Instead, I settled for When my name became available, I bought the domain ( and kept jeffmarkowitzmysteries as well. After a couple of years, I let go of jeffmarkowitzmysteries. Frankly, I didn’t figure anyone was eager to buy the domain name and it would just disappear into the internet ether.

But I was wrong. I learned this week that a japanese company (or individual) now owns It’s hard to tell, since I’m relying on google translate, but they appear to be private investigators, or perhaps to be someone with an interest in private investigators. And they seem to offer useful advice on the subject –

Need to be as that is to be in the cheating investigation, it is everywhere-class out to the “evidence of the affair”. Circumstantial evidence that can be collected in the personal belongings is also valid, but also evidence of cheating that took the field itself in the image and video of cheating, do not allow the prevarication of the opponent. In addition, that you get the evidence of a clear cheating, not only partners, it makes it easier to also claim of alimony to the affair partner.
Partners cheating partner also, firmly acquisition of clear evidence that can be determined. This is the cheating investigation sought to detective.

Why can’t I write like that?