Baloney, hot air, nonsense

We’re going to make believe that I’ve been posting regularly and you’ve been reading regularly and here it is again, the arbitrary demarcation in the stream that is time, the demarcation that says, let’s start this whole schmegegge once again. Because I’ve done some things in 2017 that I’m not allowed to talk about yet, things that will play out in 2018, when I very well may want a place to talk about those things, and there’s no point in creating a new place when I’ve got a perfectly good place here gathering dust.

In the meantime, since some of you don’t have an opportunity to visit the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center, I thought I’d share these pictures from my album. The tree is impressive in the daylight, but, at night, I’m sure you’ll agree, the tree is spectacular.


3 thoughts on “Baloney, hot air, nonsense

  1. You’ve dropped some doozy teasers here. I love a good puzzling mystery. You’ve piqued my curiosity yet again. With feather duster in hand we’ll clear away the cobwebs and chase away the dust bunnies. Your perfectly good place is sparkling clean and ready to be filled with baloney, hot air and nonsense.

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    1. What a pleasant surprise! I hope you’re still enjoying retirement. Hypothetically speaking, if I were nearing retirement, I might have new things to blog about. Some of them might be book-related. Or not. We shall see. Speaking hypothetically, of course.


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