Hero’s Lust

One of the things that I love at any good con is digging through the swag bag. I’d be lying if I said I keep everything, but I do appreciate every bit of swag. And there’s always one thing buried deep in the bag that seems to have been selected by the cosmos especially for me. This week-end at C3, it was a trio of noir classics including Hero’s Lust by Kermit Jaediker, originally published by Lion Books in 1953. Jaediker was a newspaperman for more than two decades who wrote news stories like he was writing pulp fiction. All that was missing from his reportage was the lurid cover art. When I was researching the Holder murder case for my next book, I read several news report written by Jaediker. My favorite news story opened as follows –

“The tall hawk-faced Holder and the curvy brown-haired Lynnor Gershenson were lovers and what made their lovemaking so fascinating to the police was that Holder’s wife had been murdered.”

Talk about a great hook. Tonight I’ll be reading his fictional tale of crime, Hero’s Lust.

hero's lust


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