I’m a writer.  You would think I could write one of these “About” pages, but I never know what it is  that I want you to know about me.   Some of you already know me, at least virtually.  Still a proper introduction is in order.

My name is Jeff Markowitz and I’m a mystery writer, author of three books (so far) in the Cassie O’Malley series.  I also have a one standalone, the darkly comic mystery/thriller, Death and White Diamonds.  I am privileged to serve as the President of the New York Chapter of Mystery Writers of America. For more information, follow the links to MY BOOKS, and to EVENTS AND APPEARANCES.

I blog about ideas and events that may be of interest to other readers and writers.  There will be some blatant self-promotion, but I promise not to overdo it.  There will be occasional visits from my dead Romanian ancestors, from space aliens intent on conquering the world with irradiated jello and perhaps from a certain earless pig.  There may even be Siamese triplets.  We shall see.


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