In three weeks, I'll be driving 600 miles (round-trip) in order to spend five - fifteen minutes reading an excerpt from someone else's book at a small public library in Massachusetts. And I'm cancelling other plans to go. What possible reason could there be for such foolishness? Kurt Vonnegut. When I am asked for a… Continue reading Slaughterhouse-Five

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Cranky Old Man Updates His Blog

I was scrolling through my facebook feed this morning when I spotted a photo taken at a workshop on how to develop a series. The speaker in the photo is a talented and knowledgeable author. I will not mention her by name because you might mistakenly draw the conclusion that I am speaking ill of… Continue reading Cranky Old Man Updates His Blog


Lines on the Pines

To my friends in south Jersey... tomorrow (Sunday) is Lines on the Pines, a gathering of authors, artists and artisans celebrating the Pine Barrens. Spring forward and then join me in the Grand Ballroom at the Renault Winery in Egg Harbor City where I'll be signing books and otherwise making a fool of myself..

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the jersey devil rampage – 108 years ago today

Folks in other parts of the country are surprised when I tell them about the Pine Barrens. After all, it’s not what people think of when they think of New Jersey. You might be surprised to find more than one million acres of pine forests and cranberry bogs less than one hundred miles from Manhattan,… Continue reading the jersey devil rampage – 108 years ago today