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Burstein Scholarship

Aspiring mystery writers in CT, DE, NJ, NY, PA and WV have two weeks left to submit an application. The purpose of the scholarship is to inspire aspiring mystery writers by offering financial support to writers who want to take a specific class, attend a conference, or to do specific research as demonstrably necessary to… Continue reading Burstein Scholarship

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Noir at the Bar – NYC

My friend Suzanne promises "hot noir, cool bar." I'm inclined to agree. My contribution to the evening is rounding into shape. A bit of suburban paranormal noir. Next Sunday night. Shade Bar. NYC. Be there. You've been warned.

Crime Fiction · Writing fiction

The Leon B. Burstein/MWA-NY Scholarship for Mystery Writing

When I first became serious about writing mysteries, I considered going to a writer's conference in Chicago. My problem was simple... the cost. When I added up the cost of the conference registration, hotel and airfare, I struggled to justify the expenditure. Then one of my friends offered a bit of advice. If you want… Continue reading The Leon B. Burstein/MWA-NY Scholarship for Mystery Writing