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Cranky Old Man Updates His Blog

I was scrolling through my facebook feed this morning when I spotted a photo taken at a workshop on how to develop a series. The speaker in the photo is a talented and knowledgeable author. I will not mention her by name because you might mistakenly draw the conclusion that I am speaking ill of… Continue reading Cranky Old Man Updates His Blog

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What is your success metric?

I attended a panel discussion and networking event last night, Tiger Talks in the City: Arts Entrepreneurship. The event was sponsored by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council, the Lewis Center for the Arts and the Princeton Arts Alumni. The focus of the panel was the theater, but the discussion could have been about most any artistic… Continue reading What is your success metric?

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The Leon B. Burstein/MWA-NY Scholarship for Mystery Writing

When I first became serious about writing mysteries, I considered going to a writer's conference in Chicago. My problem was simple... the cost. When I added up the cost of the conference registration, hotel and airfare, I struggled to justify the expenditure. Then one of my friends offered a bit of advice. If you want… Continue reading The Leon B. Burstein/MWA-NY Scholarship for Mystery Writing

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I’ve got plenty of Nothing

Not lower-case nothing. Upper-case, big-N Nothing. Stanislaw Lem explained the difference between the two in his masterpiece, The Cyberiad: Fables for a Cybernetic Age. "Machine, do Nothing!" The machine sat still. Klapaucius rubbed his hands in triumph, but Trurl said: "Well, what did you expect? You asked it to do nothing, and it's doing nothing."… Continue reading I’ve got plenty of Nothing