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Connecting with readers

Why do we do in-person book events in the age of social media? To sell books, certainly, but mostly, it's about the joy of connecting face-to-face with readers, of meeting people, talking about books, about becoming part of a community of book lovers. I spent yesterday at the Harlem Book Fair along with other members… Continue reading Connecting with readers


Books and Bars

Perhaps you've seen this before: I like the way that girl thinks. The problem is she's looking in a book store. If she wants a man to buy her a book, she'd be better off in a bar. With the decline of book stores, bars have become the new home for books. Bars have become the place where readers and… Continue reading Books and Bars


Random observations about Toronto

Toronto is quite possibly the most civilized city in North America. It certainly has the most civilized air travel. We bypassed Toronto Pearson International Airport, flying Porter Airlines instead into Toronto City Airport. The Bombadier Aerospace Q400 turbo prop, with a seating capacity of 75 passengers, and no middle seats, is remarkably comfortable. And because… Continue reading Random observations about Toronto